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Modulin Avis

A non-antibiotic and non-steroid growth promoter for poultry. It aids development, reduces mortality and the number of delayed or defective animals. It also improves feed conversion rate and the productive performance of the flocks.

A growth promoter administered to chickens since they hatch and until they are 15 and 30 days old chickens. It boosts immune response and protects from clinical or subclinical infections produced by bacteria, viruses, parasites such as coccidiosis, and mycosis.

Make your flocks are developed with full health and your production will increase in quantity and quality.

What is it for?

Modulín Avis aids in the development of chickens during different stages of growth.

Modulín Avis can be used as an adjunct in the various stages of development of the birds, to enhance the immune response, protect from clinical or subclinical infections. As well as to improve and maintain the weight gain, and improve the productive performance of the flock.

Modulín Avis is recommended as a preventative, running at 0, 15 and 30 days old. For use in infection control, two doses are recommended at intervals of three to four days a week.

Modulin Avis

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