Pharma & Biologicals for human and animal health and welfare company.

Permanere et Renovare Salutis,means to preserve and renewhealth. A technology-based company that develops and produces high-tech functional foods, biologicals and pharmaceutical products for humans and animals.

Our vision is to provide established livestock companies with the opportunity to attain their dreams and grow their business by producing antibiotic- and steroid-free meat. Our products aid in the development and growth of chickens and pigs without incurring any risks to the consumer.

Permanere et Renovare Salutis About

We focus on therapeutic, safe alternatives in an age of antibiotic resistance. We are interested in promoting human and animal health, and producing safe and wholesome food.

Our technology-based company was created in 2011 by the Morelos State Autonomous University in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Its purpose is to industrially and commercially apply the technological knowledge and innovations produced by its scientists.

We are the first technology-based company from the Morelos State Autonomous University in Cuernavaca, Mexico. Permanere et Renovares Salutis is currently housed at the Morelos Center for Technological Innovation and Transfer, but will soon be moving to the Morelos I+D Scientific and Technological Park.

Our Mission

Create, innovate and apply knowledge and technology to development, production and commercialization of pharmaceutical products, as well as alternative and complementary medicine for the preservation and renovation of holistic health. Based on international quality standards with respect to the environment and high social commitment.

Our vision

Being a global company recognized for its innovation in the areas of comprehensive human health and the quality of their products and services. Our strategy is to meet with efficacy, safety and excellence in our products and services to customers at home and abroad. From an ethical position, socially and ecologically responsible.